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Skateboarding in Downtown Phoenix


Hi there! I’m Mary Gardner, a work-at-home mom to one rad little five-year-old girl named Rylie. Our desert dwelling family of three lives in Phoenix, AZ and our life is pretty simple; we love to travel, just started a garden (that has a good chance of dying), love to cook, enjoy working on creative projects, and lately have been spending a lot of time at skateboard parks.

I’m fortunate to have a little one who loves fashion and pedicures as much as super heroes and skateboarding. She also has a giant heart. We always find time to give back to our community.

When she was 4, Rylie started asking for a skateboard when she found a group of girls called the Pink Helmet Posse on YouTube. Not convinced she would stick with it (and slightly terrified of the thought of it), I was hesitant, but her aunt gifted her a board for her 5th birthday and she’s been standing sideways ever since.

This blog was designed to share our personal experiences in skateboarding. Everything from how we got started, what lessons we’ve learned, what gear we love (and hate), places we’ve gone and the amazing people we’ve met along the way.


We’ve come across so many great skateboarding organizations that are out there doing good for their communities. All across the country skateboarders are helping kids with disabilities, developing skateboard programs for kids who’s families can’t afford after school programs, and raising funds for causes that are important to them.

One of our favorite organizations is Exposure Skate. Exposure empowers women and girls through skateboarding and holds a yearly all-female contest with proceeds going to domestic violence. If you live in Encinitas, CA or Phoenix, AZ check out their monthly Skate Rising programs for girls ages 4-18.

Just a mom tagging along on her kiddos epic adventures and attempting to raise a kind and caring human along the way.