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Summer is Here, Send Help! Wise Words for Frustrated Parents

Phoenix Summer Night Skating at Hermoso Park


Oh hi! How’s your summer going so far? It’s officially hot enough to bake cookies on your dashboard in Phoenix and our energy tanks are running on fumes lately. Rylie has declared that Arizona is not the place for her in the summer, unless she’s in a swimming pool of course, which is where we’ve been spending a good chunk of our time.

We’re looking forward to taking off to cooler weather on the east coast for the next few weeks and hoping that will re-energize us. We’ve got a few exciting summer collaborations coming up on our trip that we’re excited to share, as well as some opportunities to give back to our community that we’re currently working on.


Summer in Phoenix is HOT


Over the past few weeks our skateboarding adventures have slowed down due to the heat. It’s an ongoing weekly struggle to get her to lessons and she’s been super grumpy dumpy when it comes to trying to learn anything new.

I’ve been taking signs from the universe to back off though, and just let her go at her own speed. Not an easy task for a mom who drives 40 minutes each way to lessons. Not to mention the times we get half way there and she suddenly wants to go home because she’s hot and tired, a common symptom of a Phoenix summer. BUT a few recurring messages keep showing up for me that I’m taking to heart…

  • If the activity your child is participating in stops being fun and starts becoming a chore, stop doing it
  • Fun first, competition second
  • If you push too hard, they’ll stop loving what they once loved

I swore I would never be “that mom” who got frustrated when it came to these things so I’m disappointed in myself for having to have this reality check. It’s tough when you see a lot of potential in your kiddo, but the fact is that any time she’s spending on her skateboard is quality time, whether she’s dropping in on seven foot ramps, or just pushing around and getting more comfortable on her board.


91 West Skatepark


Last week one of the coaches at our park said, “When I was 5 years old I was still trying to figure out how to walk without falling and picking my nose. This is a lot for a five-year-old. I wasn’t even thinking about skateboarding at her age.”

Wise words my friend, and point taken.


Summer Skate Life


This is me now, just taking deep breaths and going with the flow.


Just a mom tagging along on her kiddos epic adventures and attempting to raise a kind and caring human along the way.