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Skateboard Gear Essentials: What’s in Rylie’s Bag

Kids Skateboard Gear Setup

Our girl skate gang is quickly growing and lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions on everything from what socks Rylie wears and why, to what’s in her skateboard gear bag. Here’s a quick glimpse at her current must-haves.

(This post contains some affiliate links to keep our blog chugging along.)
  1. S1 Lifer Helmet Matte Purple Size Med. – Your kiddo’s noggin is worth the investment. S1 Helmets are certified and come with an inner liner that can be replaced with different sizes to allow room for growth.
  2. 187 Killer Pads Jr. Six Pack – THE BEST. I was starting to give up on finding a good pair of pads until these came along. In less than a year we had already gone through two sets of pads and a few miscellaneous wrist guards. The stitching was popping, entire straps were falling off and the padding just wasn’t sufficient. 187 Killer Pads are durable, comfortable and cute!
  3. Pink Helmet Posse 48 – 53″ Mermaid and Waves Deck – This was her dream board and turns out it is the perfect size. She’s happy and comfortable with it, though our mermaid has slowly been stickered over.
  4. Vans Sk8 Hi Zip – Not the easiest shoe to put on (that’s why we go for the zipper style) but a must for us! The Vans Sk8 Hi protects from boards flipping up and cracking you in the ankle.
  5. Bones Reds Bearings – Check out our previous post on why we love Bones Reds.
  6. 54mm Bones Wheels – I won’t claim to know anything about wheel sizes. We were advised by our skate park on a few options and yes, picked these because she liked the graphics.
  7. Independent Trucks – Again, not an expert on the subject but I do know that what we previously had wasn’t working for us. These have been perfect!
  8. Pride Socks – Any time Rylie skates in shorts we try to wear some type of knee sock. She prefers Pride Socks because they are very soft and offer a little extra padding and protection for her shins. You’ll want to wear these with a slightly larger shoe to account for the extra padding.
Just a mom tagging along on her kiddos epic adventures and attempting to raise a kind and caring human along the way.