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Conquering Kindergarten One Adventure At A Time

Punch Today in the Face


When I was five years old I took my first ride on a ferris wheel. It was also my last ride until I was an adult. I never rode a rollercoaster or any type of thrill ride until I was at least 17. I was a hot mess. A bouncing ball of anxiety, fearful of living outside my comfort zone.  No, not fearful, terrified! I was terrified of everything. Just sit me on a couch, give me some Mickey Mouse Club and I’m good.

Tomorrow is Rylie’s kindergarten celebration and as I look back on the past year all I can think is, who is this child and where did she come from? She has more courage in her little pinky then I have in my whole body. She’s a thrill seeker, an adventurer and she loves harder than anyone I know.

At times it’s hard for me to remember she’s still just a little girl. I wonder if this is all too much for a five year old. But until she tells me she wants something different for her life, we’re just gonna roll on with living our best life together. She pushes me to be a better mom, to conquer my fears and to step outside my comfort zone. Kids really do teach you the greatest lessons.

Here is how we spent our year punching each day in the face…

She played ice hockey with the Arizona Coyotes Little Howlers

She conquered mountains, sometimes getting to the bottom and asking to do it again!

Tonto Natural Bridge

She convinced me to hike down to the Tonto Natural Bridge

She rode quads while I sat in a cabin having an anxiety attack

Feeding the Homeless

She made 100 sack lunches for the homeless with the help of friends

skateboarding in kindergarten

She met Coach Greg and learned how to skateboard

She placed in two skateboard contests! Thanks Cowtown and 91 West Skatepark!

She learned balance in yoga. (Photo: cookingwithlemon)

She entered her first Pinewood Classic and placed in the first two heats until we hit a bump in the track.

Rylie on ABC 15 News

She was on the news

And she always finds time to get a pedicure and stop and smell the flowers.

I’m so proud to call this girl mine.

No matter how young or old you are, enjoy life friends. It’s the greatest gift we have and it is way too short!

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