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Happy Friday!

Goldfield Ghost Town


Happy Friday friends! It’s been a fun week of skate dates, ghost town adventures, museums and more. We’re definitely in summer mode over here and can’t wait for the next 10 days of school to be over. Bring on the fun!

You might be thinking “school to be over?” yes, in Arizona we get out of school ridiculously early. I realize everyone else in the country has about a month left but not us! We’re in full planning mode for our month-long trip back east to visit lady liberty and getting excited for skateboard camp and day camp field trips.

Mostly I’m excited about more flexible bed times and having family around to help out with the kiddo. My mom will be popping in for kinder celebration in a little over a week to surprise Rylie all the way from NJ.



Here’s some snaps from the week including our trip to the “dirty old-timey place” (Goldfield Ghost Town) which we went to explore on a surprisingly cool day. So cool we had to picnic in the car cause we were freezing. And by freezing I mean it was 70 degrees, a temperature us desert dwellers have a hard time adjusting to. But to our credit it did drop 20 degrees since the day before, so that’s a pretty big change in temperature.


Goldfield Ghost Town


Skills include skateboarding and levitating.

Goldfield Ghost Town Train

Goldfield Clay Art

Goldfield Ghost Town; lots of touristy souvenir shops mixed with some hand crafted art items. Rylie has some allowance burning a hole in her pocket so we’ll be back soon to but a purse she insisted she needed, because I need another purse to put in my purse along with her 12 other purses filled with lip gloss. I’m going to need a bigger bag myself.

Superstition Mountains

Thanks to the power of THE GRAM, we noticed that the I.D.E.A. Museum was having a free Sunday in Mesa so we hit that up on our long drive back home to break things up a bit. It’s a pretty cool place if you’re into making crafty messes you don’t have to clean up. Oh, and this big pink chair… but NO SKATEBOARDING. Also, Free entry for moms on Mother’s Day. Hit that up! We’re all about free over here.

IDEA Museum Pink Chair

Have a great weekend! Off to our next adventure.

Just a mom tagging along on her kiddos epic adventures and attempting to raise a kind and caring human along the way.