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#stand4kindness – Paying it Forward with Skateboarding

Hello friends!

Have you heard of Pay it Forward Day? It’s on April 28 and it’s an awesome opportunity for you to teach your kiddos to spread kindness in your community. This year the goal is to inspire 10,000 acts of kindness worldwide! #stand4kindness


Darleen Santore speaks at Skate Rising about Pay it Forward Day



Last weekend we went to Skate Rising, our favorite monthly all-girl skate event from Exposure Skate, and we got to meet Darleen Santore, the US Ambassador for National Pay it Forward Day. She talked to the girls about simple ways to pay it forward on Pay it Forward Day and every day!

This is what we love so much about Skate Rising. Not only do we get to skate, we also get to learn good stuff and contribute to our community. It’s hard as a parent to find ways for your young kiddo to volunteer, many opportunities have an age limit. I believe it’s never too early to learn to give back, and Skate Rising solves the age issue for us!

After hearing from Darleen, 25 girls ages 4-18 got to make a special bracelet from the event’s sponsor Origami Owl, that they can give to someone they are grateful for on Pay it Forward Day.

Darleen encouraged everyone to draw a heart on their hand after or while doing their act of kindness and share it on Instagram using #PayItForwardDay #PIFDayUSA #SkateRising #Stand4Kindess. This is how they’ll determine how many acts of kindness were inspired this year!


Pay it Forward Day #believeinkindness


The girls at the event are already unknowingly paying it forward by helping their friends up ramps, sharing stickers with their friends and cheering each other on. As a mom, it’s definitely a heart warming experience.


Pay it Forward Cards


Here are a few ways your kiddos can participate in Pay it Forward Day. Be sure to visit to download Pay it Forward cards and get other ideas on how to participate on April 28.

  • Make friends with someone who is sitting alone
  • Make and send a card to someone
  • Give a hug to someone who shaving a bad day
  • Help a neighbor with yard work or taking out the trash
Just a mom tagging along on her kiddos epic adventures and attempting to raise a kind and caring human along the way.