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Skateboarding through puddles leads to rusty bearings

After a few months of skating through puddles and wet grass, the wheels on Rylie’s “simple machine” (that’s what she calls her skateboard) stopped turning. The next week at her skate lesson we had them checked out and found out that her bearings were rusted. Makes sense. Water + metal = rust. Basic science.

So, what are bearings?

Rusty Bearing

Skateboards need eight bearings to make the wheels turn. Each wheel has 2 bearings inserted in it (one on the outside of the wheel and one on the inside) which the axel goes through (this is where the “simple machine” comes into play). The bearings prevent friction when the wheels spin.

You can buy steel bearings which come in different quality levels called ABEC (the higher the number the better the bearing) or you can get ceramic bearings which are more expensive but offer a much smoother ride.

For the sake of this blog, and assuming most who are reading are new to skateboarding or a parent of a young skateboarder like myself, I’m going to share what we learned are the most commonly purchased bearings at our skate park.



Bones Super Reds

Bones Super Reds, unlike some other bearings, have a plate on one side of the bearing and a removable rubber shield on the other. This allows you to get inside the bearing and clean it, so when your kid regularly skates through puddles, they don’t have to spend their allowance buying bearings every few weeks.

We’ve been told that squeezing a drop of Bones Speed Cream Bearing Lubricant on the steel balls within the bearings will loosen them up and keep us going for a while without having to invest another 10 – 20 dollars.

Popping bearings out can be a pain but you can bring your board to a local skate shop and they’ll help you for a small fee (or sometimes free), or you can buy a Bearing Press / Puller, or simply use a flathead screwdriver.

In no way do I consider myself an expert on any of these topics, I’m just sharing what we learn as we learn it. If you have a favorite bearing your kids use I’d love to hear about it. Share in the comments below!


PS this post contains Amazon affiliate links which I earn money from to keep my blog going.

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