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Apr 10, 2017

The worst part of starting a blog is actually starting. Is anyone out there reading? What do I write about? I’ve had this blog idea in my mind for so long and have a million topics to share about kids, skateboarding, life in general.


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For starters here are a few random facts about Rylie and I, answers to some questions I’ve received and my response to comments from people who have been following along on Instagram.

  • Even though I’m pretty open about my life on the inter-webs I’m a total introvert. I’m socially awkward, hate speaking on the phone (I literally have to prepare for a simple call from a friend, it gives me total anxiety). I used to bribe my sister to call and order pizza so I didn’t have to talk on the phone. I would 100% rather stay home than to be around large groups of people.
  • My kiddo also has a touch of social anxiety. In a way, skateboarding is helping us both get past it. She’s found a place she feels she fits in. When we first started she wouldn’t talk to anyone for months. They’d try to high five her and she’d walk right past them. They’d give her a big welcome when she arrived and she’d grab on to my leg and hide behind me. Her confidence has since grown, she’s made new friends and even stands taller.
  • I didn’t “make” my daughter start skateboarding, she asked after seeing other girls skateboard on youtube. I did “encourage” her to try ballet, tumbling, soccer… all of which she had very little interest in, she actually ran out of ballet screaming. Skateboarding is what she loves.
  • She (Rylie) is only 5 years old and in kindergarten. She “hates skating on flat,” ramps are her thing, the taller the better. She loves superheroes, princesses, is great at math and an excellent painter of rainbows.
  • It’s true, many of her skate lessons involve the use of a mat. I get that many have “had to learn the hard way” and take a lot of pride in that. We are good with the mat. It eases my mind, saves her bottom and quite frankly, she’s doing something that many adults wouldn’t do (including myself) even with the help of the mat. So yay for mats!

We’re so grateful to all those who have been cheering Rylie on over the past 7 months. I’m so proud of her accomplishments, her ability to pick herself up after a fall and keep going and her determination. We love the skate community and all the coaches, skaters and especially the older girls who she considers her “skate sisters.”

If you want to learn more about us, hop over to our About page or shoot us a question. We’re pretty friendly.

Just a mom tagging along on her kiddos epic adventures and attempting to raise a kind and caring human along the way.